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tv   Way Too Early  MSNBC  February 11, 2014 2:30am-3:01am PST

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>> stumbling into theaters wednesday. coming to a theater near you. do not confuse one of the stars with lawrence fishburne. how one reporter learned that the hard way on live tv. did chris christie use his helicopter to get a view of the traffic snarl? why his records are facing subpoena. and papers from the former first lady's first friend. what's old is new again. this is "way too early." hey, everybody. good to have you with me. it's tuesday, february 11th. welcome tow wa"way too early." the show that already has its valentine's day gifts purchased
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ahead of time. as we approach the deadline to enroll in obamacare, they are delaying the mandate for some businesses. they announced medium-sized companies will not have to provide health insurance until 2016. that applies to companies with fewer than 100 employees. companies with more must offer coverage to 70% of its workforce. politically speaking the move may grant the democrats some leeway heading into the midterm elections. elections matter. democrats may try hiding from president obama on the campaign trail, but when it comes to his signature accomplishment, obamacare, each helped make it a reality. more subpoenas in the george washington bridge scandal that consumes the new jersey
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governor's office. it's also looking for state helicopter logs amid-claims that the governor flew in a chopper over the traffic with none other than resigned port authority official david wildstein. the two were seen together on that day in photos like this one obtained by the "wall street journal." the governor's office issued a statement saying the "the kbov nor used the helicopter to travel from new york to trenton following the 9/11 ceremony. david wildstein did not ride with him that day, or any day, as he has never flown in the helicopter requewith the govern" . they want to avoid turn oefrg documents and the committee may pursue con cemetempt cases. it appears a deal may be sight. john boehner proposed a plan to
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his members that would extend the debt ceiling until march of 2015 and does not include major spending cuts. it seeks to restore pension cuts that were passed as part of december's budget deal. republicans want to offset the pensions by extending sequestration cuts to providers. a vote could come tomorrow and then the house is on recess. as hillary clinton eyes a possible 2016 run for president, echoes of the past refuse to stay there. today it's the private papers of diane blair that are shedding some new light on the clinton's life. notes reveal some of the lightest and darkest times. among them discussions about hair and makeup and there are references to recent books and movies. hilary was frustrated with the white house staff writing hc dumbfounded by people who look
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her in the eye and lie to her nape discuss plans to overhaul health care and the monica lewinsky affair and the ensuing impeachment. she said her husband made a mistake and the first lady said the affair did not include sex with any real meaning. the president tried to manage the intern, but things were respond control. senator rand paul has tleded into the lewinsky territory with comments and they are calling that topic fair game. >> i think everything is on the table. i don't see how someone gets a pass on anything. i mean especially in today's politics. we'll have a truckload of opposition research on hillary clinton and then some things may be old and some things might be new. everything is at stake when you're talking about the leader of the free world and who we're
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going to give the keys to run the united states of america. so i think everything is at play. >> the papers have been publicly available for several years. diane blair passed away in 2000. white house officials reportedly adopting a new strategy in afghanistan. one that does not include president karzai. military officials are drawing up plans to allow president obama to delay a decision on troop levels until after karzai leaves office. he refused to sign a treaty to keep troops beyond this year. the threat of nato forces and allies continues. a convey leaving the main prison was hit by a suicide bomber. two american contractors were among those killed in that attack. new video abducting the most wanted terrorists. he's accused in the bombings of embassies. he was close to osama bin laden when the leader was alive.
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according to the post, what we're seeing in the surveillance video is him stopping his car in front of his family's home at 6:30 a.m. suddenly he's cornered by a white van and another car. several operatives jump out and 60 seconds time, it takes off with the suspected terrorist in tow. the operation was coordinated with the cia, fbi and the army's delta force in october of last year. he's awaiting trial in new york. students at a terrorist training school have learned a valuable lesson a hard way. don't use live explosions during demonstrations. a teacher killed himself and 21 students when explosives were detonated. the citizens are among the dead in this. iraq is experiencing its highest levels of violence. 10,000 people have been killed over the past 13 months. one month after the chemical spill that left 300,000 west virginia residents without water, officials still will not
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say if the water is safe. during a two-hour congressional hearing yesterday, four members of the house and infrastructure committee questioned local and state officials about the chemical spill. when asked if the water is safe, the commissioner for public health was very cautious with her language. >> that's in a way a difficult thing to say because everybody has a different definition of safe. am i confident in the science? i'm as confident as i can be given what we had. i believe the water based on the standards we have is usable for every purpose, and that includes drinking, bathing and cooking. >> senator joe mansion is calling for better regulation of aboveground storage tanks. stocks showed modest improvements yesterday ahead of first testimony by janet yellen. for more on what to expect
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today, let's check in with london. we saw anemic numbers on the board, but still green arrows skblp it's interesting because we have had a couple weak employment prints. that's really got the market focused on janet yellen's first appearance to the house. the question is will she continue this line of pampering even as we see softness in the jobs numbers. that will be a big focus for the market today. we see a brighter tone in europe. maybe you guys will pick that up later on in the session. i want to move on. there's a great story over mary baris' salary and whether she'll get the same amount or more as the male med predecessor there in that job. gm has come out several months early and said $14.4 million is the total compensation package. if you look hard at the numbers,
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that's an uplift on her predecessor's final year salary. so gm trying to put a nail in the coffin and saying there is no issue of gender bias at general motors. >> a huge day trying to prove that point. how are mobile phone markets going after families specifically? >> i don't understand why you americans pay so much for your mobile service. when i look at the numbers here, 500 mb of data, $85. we pay $8 for the same service. even the chinese only pay $24. but it looks like that could all be change here. freedom pop is a new internet-based company that is going to be offering free voice and data over the internet. now that's got to rattle the cages over those big mobile carriers like at&t and verizon. they will have to take notice of
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the company. you have to be aware for the time being it's only internet-based so you may suffer some of the quality issues that come with that. that's a massive saving on what you pay normally. >> a huge difference across the pond. coyou get your phone for free or are you investing in the phone out of the gate? >> we get the phone for free. that appears in the package. they do try to tie you in. i don't know whether you have the same length of deal, but the regular package here is usually like a two-year plan. you get the phone either for free or discounted, but there's a sting in the tail because you're locked into that contract for a couple years. and clearly they understand the math so they make sure they get their money back. >> you pointed out a great distinction in what's happening to us americans. thanks for ruining our tuesday. to our twitter question now. we're talking about tonight's state dinner at the white house.
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the french president is planning to attend the party without a date. that's after splitting wi. we don't want to see him go stag. we need ideas who should go with him. tweet us your answers. we'll put best ones on the show. still ahead on "way too early," one of the most highly anticipated events. some snowborders are not excited about the path and why the course isn't ready for them. and unveiling the man behind the dumb starbucks in los angeles. the new problem he's facing. that story when "way too early" comes right back. it has not happened in more
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than 700 years. this morning pope benedict announced he will resign saying he does not center the strength to go on.
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isn't it time you discovered the lighter side of dog chow. purina dog chow light & healthy. there's a live shot from sochi. again, we still have not heard from jen. she's mia in sochi. she's forgotten all about us. julia mancuso took home a bronze medal. no other american woman has won more than two. congratulations to her. let's go to the medal count. canada and the netherlands are tied at top with seven total medals. the u.s. now sits in fourth place with two gold medals and five total. it's one of the most highly anticipated events at the olympics, but it looks like conditions at the halfpipe are
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less than ideal. they say it's not up to snuff. the problems led to a number of falls and very few big trick attempts. the poor conditions left riders weary and hesitant to practice tricks. more adjustments will be made before the actual medal contest. another full day of events scheduled. here are the highlights. despite questions about the course, the halfpipe. the women will hit freestyle skiing. figure skating is also on tap. it's tough to be an olympic bobsledder. he busted a way out of a locked bathroom over the weekend. he was stuck someplace else yesterday. he and a pair of teammates were trapped in a malfunctioning elevator. he didn't have the muscle to pull off opening those doors.
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this time he called pr help. bobsledding begins february 16th. if he can get there. team canada is raising a glass and not sharing with anybody. the beer fridge only opens after you scan your canadian passport. can you believe that? >> they are smart. >> what if you have a canadian friend? >> so your passport and mine wouldn't work. >> see you later alligator. >> have you seen the grocery store shelves down in the south? >> i have. friends of mine have been posting. >> it's on. it it's a race to get bread. >> you need bread, eggs and toilet paper and that's it. >> they are ready. i guess after what happened in atlanta last time and the forecast of all the freezing rain, they are preparing for the
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worst. the schools are out for like a week in advance of this storm. birmingham at 40 degrees. we have some freezing rain. so the sleet could accumulate on the wet roads and make it a little slippery. this is how it's looking as the the storm comes up the coast. it's a very fine line between the sleet and where the heavy snow will end up. some of the areas in the bulls eye for the snow, central virginia, washington, d.c. could see the biggest snowstorm they have seen in years. and new england, a stripe of heavy snow. some of the southern cities getting the snow. charlotte, north carolina, a big deal. richmond could get four to eight. the d.c. area, 8 to 12 inches. that could go higher. the new england forecast is the biggest question mark on this with the path of the storm still not certain. there's going to be a
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significant weather event all the way up and down the east coast wednesday and thursday. >> through atlanta, the governor and the mayor. >> they have to take their precautions. there's some arguments that schools should have been canceled or not, but they are being safe. coming up at the top of the hour, hillary clinton and her best and worst times. the revelations from her best friend's diary. and we're going to huddle around the water cooler. the question that led samuel l. jackson to go off on a reporter. "way too early" will be right back.
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so at the top of the show, we talked about the house debt deal restoring military spending cuts. if you want to sound smart, tell your friends these cuts would drain $80,000 over the course of a military retiree's life. let's check in with lewis who is standing by with the most best dumb idea ever. >> that's right. some are calling it the dumbest parody ever, but those who are hoping to grab a cup may be out of luck. the mock coffee shop was shut
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down because it was operating without a permit. fielder took to the web to explain his idea. >> by adding the word dumb, we are legally allowed to use the starbucks name and logo because we have fulfilled the minimum requirements to be considered a parody under u.s. law. we have a full menu including all your favorite starbucks items. a delicious selection of pastries and music for the ride home. many of you know me as a comedian, but this is no bit or joke. this is a real business i plan to get rich from. >>s that brilliant idea. he planned to keep the store open forever. he plans to open another dumb starbucks in brooklyn next week and that's close enough for you and i. >> we can scoot over there and get some. check out the art exhibit. >> coffee is art. >> all for the kids. samuel l. jackson is promoting the new version of
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robocop. one case he didn't appreciate the line of questioning. >> did you get a lot of reaction to the super bowl commercial? >> what super bowl commercial? >> oh, you know what, my mistake. >> you're as crazy as the people on twitter. i'm not lawrence fishburne. >> that's my fault. my mistake. >> we don't all look alike. we're not all black and famous. you're the entertainment reporter and you don't know the difference? >> my mistake. i apologize. >> there must be a short line for your job. >> going all robo on sam reuben. he went back on the air to apologize a few minutes later. samuel l. jackson was having none of it. he was referring to the captain america ad that did run.
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i thought it was pretty funny. >> has that ever happened to you on the red carpet? >> i'm not going to tell you. let's just say i'm usually pretty spot on. never admit to mistakes, thomas. let's check in with jimmy kimmel. he's our rob ford correspondent. >> good news involving rob ford today. the mayor and his brother used to have a radio show called ford nation, which turned into a tv show, which was cancelled after one episode because, for what reason i'm not sure. now they are doing the show themselves on youtube. the first episode was posted today. the mayor insisted he does not have a substance abuse problem. but after watching it, i'm not sure how convinced i am. >> let me address this and i know this has been a huge controversy. i do not have a substance abuse
2:56 am
problem. >> for real? >> did i experiment with drugs, yes, i have. i don't use drugs. have i in the past, yes. >> he just had a big mac attack. >> i don't even know what to say to that. poor, rob ford. >> you have a low bar for looking good then. i don't know if he looks good. >> i give mayor rob ford a little bit of credit. >> he's a man under a microscope. poor guy. still ahead on "way too early," who should accompany the french president to the state dinner at the white house? your most creative tweets. morni "morning joe" is moments away. i'm beth...
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before the "morning joe" starts right now. ♪ >> good morning, everybody. it's tuesday, february 11th. welcome to "morning joe." a lot of news to cover this morning. with us on set mike barnicle, msnbc and time magazine senior political analyst mark halpern and the host of "way too early," he is not here yet. in washington d you have to go a little faster, thomas. >> what is going on, thomas? >> willie was never late. >> willie was never late. he was always here. >> now he's in


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